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10 reason Why Should You Study Abroad

Gone are the days when it was a big deal for any student to study abroad- this phenomenon is not so new for students all over the world- all thanks to globalization and the countries coming closer with each passing day. Every student dreams of flying off to a different nation for at least once in their lifetime. 

And why not? Studying abroad can assist you in getting experiences that you usually wouldn’t. Nevertheless, here’s our list of reasons why studying abroad would be the best decision of your life: 

1. Enhancing your Social Skills 

This point is as obvious as the noonday sun- a person develops exceptional communication and social skills when they study abroad. It doesn’t matter how extroverted or introverted you are; you always come back home with better people skills, as we call it. When studying abroad, you get exposure to all kinds of people, and communication becomes a necessity. As a result, it leads to a commendable personal development. 

2. Learning New Cultures and Languages 

The universities that offer study abroad opportunities have students from all over the world. Meaning, you not only meet people of the country you are travelling to- but also students from other continents! As a result, you get to socialize with people hailing from different cultures and exchange your cultural experiences. Also, as obvious as it may sound, you always get to learn the language of the nation you stay in- especially when you live for more than two years. 

3. Study and Learn Differently 

Every country has a different modus operandi of teaching their students. When studying abroad, you get a different learning experience altogether. The concept seems fresh, and learning becomes more fun. It happens when you get your degree in some of the best universities that have excellent programs for their study abroad students. 

4. Gain Self-Reliance 

Moving abroad becomes the ultimate test for individuals if they can live on their own. You can choose to either share their room or stay alone, but you will, still, be away from your family. Meaning, you have to handle certain things on your own- from laundry and grocery shopping to managing a part-time job (if you wish so). This way, you get to learn to be more responsible and rely less on others. 

5. International Job Prospects 

Your study abroad degree holds value in your CV. Companies from all around the world prioritize international candidates in their organization. Such students not only have better communication and practical skills- but they also prove to be more adaptive and insightful in the long run. You can directly apply for working in some of the best companies when you study abroad. It is an opportunity that you don’t get that often when staying in your own country. 

6. Travel More 

Living abroad might sound like spending a long vacation, but it actually isn’t. However, you do get to deal with a lot of travelling- not only in the country that you stay in but the adjacent ones as well. For instance, if you go to a UK university, you can catch a flight to visit Rome, Paris, Barcelona and many more remarkable places. One of the most rewarding experiences of studying abroad is the unique opportunity that you get to see more of the world. 

7. Develop a Global Mindset 

Visiting and staying in other parts of the world, undoubtedly, plays a crucial role in shaping the mindset of an individual. It leads to a character development that considers the individual’s overall world view. You automatically prepare yourself for living in a global world. Thus, whether you work, study, or play, you will always use this global mindset to back up your opinions, state facts, inform your beliefs, and steer a better future. 

8. Earn a Life-Experience 

As already stated earlier, studying abroad is an exasperating and thrilling experience that will stay with you forever. Your friends may get tired of listening to your same stories (mind you, they will), but you will not get tired of sharing them. You can always learn from these experiences to become a better individual eventually. 

9. Understand and Learn Adulting 

Your transition from a teenager to an adult accelerates when you leap into the unknown. When you study abroad, you will have to fend for yourself. From buying your own meals to brooming your house- you will eventually learn doing it all. Your journey would be even more adventurous if you decide to work a part-time shift. All of it may sound hectic, but it’ll all be worth your efforts, in the end. 

10. Become spontaneous and adventurous 

You are now thousands of KMs away from your home all on your own. You are now open to a new world where this world expects you to be more spontaneous and building an adventures attitude will help you explore the unknowns leaving you with a larger than life experiences.

Choose Best Destinations to Study Abroad 

Before you apply for any study abroad university and course, make sure you check everything- from tuition fees to teaching facilities, upcoming job opportunities, expenses of staying, and everything else. Here are 07 of the best destinations that you can choose to study abroad: 

1. The USA 

You can opt for studying in the US if you are looking for a unique curriculum, multicultural environment, best-quality education, and praiseworthy learning and career opportunities. The range of higher education options is higher here as compared to any other country in the world. It has the most number of top-ranked universities. 

2. The UK 

Students prefer studying in the United Kingdom for its excellent quality of education and interactive teaching methodology. The UK is affordable and offers world-class research to its students. Their top-ranking universities provide ultimate student satisfaction and let you learn a lot of cultures and values. You will get high standards of education here along with a unique approach towards your syllabus. 

3. New Zealand 

New Zealand is one of the safest nations to study abroad with the right mix of culture, opportunities, economy and climate. It has the best, globally ranked universities, a responsive education system and offers commendable employment opportunities for overseas students. Thus, the country proves to be high on academic quality in the most affordable tuition fee. 

4. Canada 

This country has a rich multi-cultural heritage, laudable pedagogy, an excellent education system, and exceptional career opportunities. The citizens here live a quality life. Canada’s educational system rivals some of the best in the world, and they teach in both English and French. The country spends a high GDP on education ranked 2nd amongst the G-8 countries. Thus, the student outcomes are of the highest standards. The students with Canadian degrees, diplomas and certificates have a praiseworthy reputation across the world. 

5. Australia 

Australia offers quality education, a variety of courses, and post-study work opportunities. It is, thus, one of the most sought-after study destinations in the world for international students. They also offer great post-study work opportunities and an excellent quality of living. The Australians value the wealth of cultural diversity and social sophistication that their international students bring to their nation. They have a very adaptive and accepting environment. 

6. Singapore 

This island nation is modern and vibrant with a multicultural heritage. It offers a fast-paced and cosmopolitan lifestyle. It is the premier education hub in Asia because the country has well-developed educational opportunities for international students. It maintains high standards of teaching and learning with a strong research focus. The expenses incurred are also pretty affordable, and a degree from Singapore has a high global value. 

7. Germany 

A majority of the universities are state-owned in Germany and thus charge no or low tuition fees. Higher studies are the best here. The public universities in Germany charge no tuition fee, offer flexible payment plans, and allow students to work while they study. Thus, it becomes one of the most inexpensive countries for study abroad students. Although people use German the most, universities offer extensive programs in English. 

Study Abroad with GTS Overseas 

Are you looking for study abroad opportunities? Contact GTS overseas for getting an experience of truly international education. We provide degree preparation courses, admission guidance, and counselling for the top-most ranked global universities. Get in touch with us to get started. 

10 Reasons on why you should Study Abroad | Study Abroad Guide 2021 | GTS Overseas

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