Study Abroad

10 Reasons on why you should Study Abroad | Study Abroad Guide 2021 | GTS Overseas

Gone are the days when it was a big deal for any student to study abroad- this phenomenon is not so new for students all over the world- all thanks to globalization and the countries coming closer with each passing day. Every student dreams of flying off to a different nation for at least once […]

Admission Process for Study Abroad in 2021

Planning an academic life outside the country we live in is a fascinating experience which requires months-long planning and preparation. If you wish to travel and study abroad the coming academic session, chances are, you are very much confused with the application processes. After all, the procedure followed is very different from the Indian Universities.  […]

Best Study Abroad Destinations In 2021

If your school life felt monotonous and mind-numbing, there is a huge chance that you crave for one of the most dynamic experiences of a person’s life – studying abroad. Going abroad for education and career is more than just getting a degree. It teaches you lessons that you are not going to learn from […]

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