Admission Process for Study Abroad in 2021

Admission Process for Study Abroad in 2021

Planning an academic life outside the country we live in is a fascinating experience which requires months-long planning and preparation. If you wish to travel and study abroad the coming academic session, chances are, you are very much confused with the application processes. After all, the procedure followed is very different from the Indian Universities. 

As a matter of fact, the students applying for study abroad this session are facing another major blockage- the COVID-19 pandemic. As the situation is making new developments every passing day, the students are feeling more confused regarding their study abroad applications. Let’s get into the crux of this plan. 

Can a Student Apply for Study Abroad in 2021? 

A simple answer to a majority of the cases is- Yes. Many universities will accept applications in spring 2021 but will have some travel restrictions as well. Some of the top-most universities have worked with their government to come up with study abroad options for their current and potential international students. 

The countries with strict travel restrictions are planning to begin their sessions for international students online and transferring them to on-campus classes as soon as the border constraints cease. 

Study Abroad: Application Process 

The process of applying for studying abroad is time-consuming and the applicants need to start preparing for it months in advance of their anticipated admission dates. There is no uniform worldwide application system, and each university has its own unique policies. Nevertheless, here are the six basic steps for applying abroad: 

1. Select the country that you want to go to study abroad. Go for the best universities for the course of your interest. Assess your academic eligibility, grades, test scores, IELTS/TOEFL performance, financial independence, and all the other factors to choose your preferred destination. 

2. Request the universities for Application forms. You can either request them via emails or go to their official website to download the forms. 

3. Take the required tests for admission. Once you get the application forms, look for the admission criteria, grades, research profiles, location profile of enrolled students, etc. You will get to know the universities that are most likely to accept your admission form. 

4. Arrange and prepare for essays and recommendation letters. They are especially beneficial for Masters and Doctoral courses. It refers to a signed statement from a person who taught you a subject that is related to your study abroad degree. The letters, which do not give enough information about a candidate, can jeopardize their chances of selection. 

5. Complete and Send the Application forms along with required certificates. Make sure to sign the documents. Undergraduates mainly require their school results, birth certificates, migration certificates, TC, etc. depending on their preferred universities. Graduates may need to submit more documents. 

6. Report your various test scores to the universities. 

Various Countries and their Admission Status

Here is how some of the most preferred destinations are planning for the admission process of study abroad students in 2021. However, we would suggest you keep in touch with their official government and university websites. 


The United States of America has planned to welcome their study abroad students in 2021. However, any newly joined or old international student, from March 2020, won’t be able to enrol for a full-time course if their university conducts online classes. So, the current students can still acquire their student visas if their universities have switched their courses to online study. Keep a tab on the latest news and updates on the official website of USA Study Abroad. 

Apply to study abroad in the USA. 


Australia is pretty lukewarm in allowing its international students to study in their country. If you apply for the first semester or trimester at the beginning of the year 2021, the applications will open in different universities in August 2021 with variations in the admission dates. Students can still apply for a visa, despite the rapidly changing situation. Many universities have already shifted to online classes until further notice on the upliftment of travel restrictions. Keep a check on the recent developments on their official website at Study Australia. 

Apply to study abroad in Australia. 


Canada has currently banned their international travels to control the situation of COVID-19 pandemic in their country. So, any current student applying for study abroad in Canada after 18 March 2020 will not get an authorization for entering the country till further notice. You can still apply to study abroad in Canada in 2021. The Government of Canada will review its international students’ application for a study permit. It will help the students to continue with their on-campus education as soon as the government uplifts the restrictions. Keep in touch with the Government of Canada and their official website at Study in Canada. 

Apply to study abroad in Canada. 

New Zealand 

New Zealand has opened its admission applications for the first semester and trimester at the beginning of 2021. The country has a very strict international ban on travelling due to the pandemic. Universities have started their online classes for international students to avoid any academic losses till further notice. The online sessions will resume into on-campus lectures once the government uplifts travel bans in New Zealand. Keep in touch with their government portal at Study Abroad in New Zealand for further updates. 

Apply to study abroad in New Zealand. 


The United Kingdom is available for admission in the spring of 2021, and have announced the extension of their post-graduate work visas by two years. Meaning, their international students who will graduate can prolong their stay in the country and begin with their careers there. It includes all the students who began their online studies due to travel restrictions, as long as they arrive in the UK by April 2021. However, the admission dates and campus arrangements vary for new students. We would recommend you to go through their official government outlets for further updates at the Study Abroad UK. 

Apply to study abroad in the UK. 

Know more about studying abroad and applying for admission in 2021. Contact GTS Overseas for further information and guidelines regarding preparing and applying for overseas education. We are here to help you out. 

Admission Process for Study Abroad in 2021

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