Best Study Abroad Destinations In 2021

If your school life felt monotonous and mind-numbing, there is a huge chance that you crave for one of the most dynamic experiences of a person’s life – studying abroad. Going abroad for education and career is more than just getting a degree. It teaches you lessons that you are not going to learn from elsewhere.

However, the past year brought an unexpected change globally and locked us inside our bedrooms. While we all learned a lot throughout our quarantined lives, the students wishing to pursue their education abroad faced disappointment.

But here’s a piece of good news- as the pandemic is getting under control, universities from around the world are accepting admissions and enrolment! Are you willing to enroll from one of the best study abroad destinations in 2021?Read ahead to know more.

Why Should You Study Abroad? 

When living in a globalized, connected world, employers tend to value graduates with international education and experience. The best places to study abroad offer an individual with the opportunity to learn new languages, get top-quality education,face new challenges living in other countries, get more career opportunities, and gain a better understanding of the world.

Best Study Abroad Destinations In 2021 

Are you ready to face the incredible world? Let’s stop beating around the bush. Here are (in no particular order) 8 of the best places to study abroad in 2021:

Study in United Kingdom(UK)

1. UK 

The United Kingdom (UK) is one of the most preferred destinations of students due to the educational satisfaction that they offer. The place is best known for its interactive teaching approaches, excellent quality of education, and the bestuniversities.

Choose the UK as your study destination for academic excellence, and get ready to gain a lot of cultural experience and values. Also, the UK is highly affordable, despite the high standards of education, world-class research, and recognition by employers and academics worldwide.

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Study in Canada

2. Canada 

Canada is one of the most common preferences of students, and there are a plethora of reasons why. The country ranks second amongst the G-8 countries due to its high GDP spending on education and offers diversified courses from engineering to management.

The universities of Canada teach in both English and French and has a vast curriculum. The tuition fee here is also pretty cheap as compared to universities in the UK, and the US. As a matter of fact, the United Nations has consistently ranked this country as one of the best places to live in the world.

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Study in Germany

3. Germany 

One of the main reasons why people usually prefer this country for higher education is because Germany charges very little to no tuition fees. The students here can work part-time jobs, and make up for their fees whenever they can afford, thanks to the flexible payment plans of the majority of universities.

The system of education here is quite commendable, and the rejection rate of students wanting to study in Germany is also pretty less. Inviting and getting a German Visa is not very difficult, unlike the United States or the UK.

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Study in Singapore

4. Singapore 

Singapore is the premier education hub in Asia. Apart from a well-developed and innovative education system, the island nation also offers a multicultural heritage for the people living there. Life in Singapore is very cosmopolitan and fast-paced.

Coming to the education part, it is a priority in Singapore, making it a “global schoolhouse”. As a matter of fact, Singapore is counted among the top educational destinations in the world.

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Study in USA

5. USA 

Here comes the country with the highest number of international students in the world- the USA. Quality education, unparalleled curriculum, a multicultural environment, and abundant career opportunities- this place offers you everything.

It has most of the top-ranked universities in the world and offers its students with an exposure that no other place can. As a result, the graduates from the US have better career exposure and educational experience, making it one of the best study abroad destinations.

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Study in Australia
Study in Australia

6. Australia 

This place comes with seven cities ranking the 75 best student cities in the world and has over 40 accredited universities. The Australian government makes generous investments in international education and scholarships, thereby offering high-quality academic experience and commendable research programmes.

In fact, Australia also offers a quality lifestyle along withpost-study work opportunities to make the lifestyle more affordable.

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Study in Ireland

7. Ireland 

Though the country is not usually talked about when discussing the best places to study abroad, Irish universities actually rank in the top 1% of the research institutes in the world. The ecosystem of education is unique here, and the population is very young and speak in English- making it easier for students to adjust.

Ireland is also the country that offers the highest quality of life, friendliest environment, and an excellent education system with varied choices of the coursesthatyou may want to pursue.

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Study in New Zealand

8. New Zealand 

This country is, hands down, the safest country to study in- offering globally ranked universities, a responsive education system, and employment opportunities for overseas students. Being culturally and economically sound, New Zealand offers student explore not just in education but also in other aspects of life.

The best part is the affordability and flexible fees structure of its universities, with technology and polytechnic courses being the highlight of the universities here among others.

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Study Abroad With GTS Overseas 

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Best Study Abroad Destinations In 2021

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